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OT Frontiers is a network of occupational therapists based in the UK who support the development of occupational therapy in low- and middle-income countries.  We collaborate with our overseas colleagues in projects they undertake.  We strive to understand how as UK occupational therapists we can most appropriately apply our practice in the context of these countries.



You can also visit our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/OT-Frontiers



Next OT Frontiers Meeting 04/19/2015

The April OT Frontiers Meeting has been cancelled. If you had been planning to attend, please click on this item for further information

The Global Health CPD Toolkit 04/09/2015

The Global Health CPD Toolkit is now out and available for use.

Working Abroad: Guidance for Allied Health Professionals 03/08/2015

A resource for those looking to work overseas.

Occupational Therapy without Borders 04/25/2014

 new edition for 2016 – call for contributors

Funding 02/08/2015

For small Occupational Therapy development projects - this project is under review but please contact us if you would like to know more about our commitment in supporting OTs who want to undertake small scale projects.

OT Frontiers Study Day at Northampton University, November 2010 Sharing ideas with other OTs in the UK Joint Study Day with ADAPT & Communication International, April 2012 Fundraising for OT Frontiers OT members raise funds via an Arctic Adventure OT Frontiers in Uganda



Benefits of Volunteering

You could use this information on the potential benefits of volunteering to present to employers when exploring possibilities for career breaks


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Distant Partnerships

 Exchanging clinical experiences and ideas with OTs from low to medium income countries

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Mental Health OT in Uganda

Developing a Mission Statement by and for OTs working in the Mental Health field in Uganda. 

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Occupational Therapy in Swaziland